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Project Description

Nx is a portable framework which is being created with developement targetting multiple platforms in mind.

The core of the library is a portable class library targetting .NET 4.5, SL5, WP7.5+ & Windows Store Apps. Initially the framework is going to target WP7.5+ & Windows Store Apps. 

The Framework's features are going to inlude :

  1. IoC (Thanks to Ninject, which seems to be the only portable IoC Container)
  2. MVVM
  3. Logging adapters
  4. Unified navigation model for all platforms
  5. Modularity
  6. Extensibilty
  7. Bootstrappers

Aditional libraries supporting other types of functionality are planned as well

The purpose of the framework is to accelerate your application's simultaneous developement on multiple platforms by taking advantage of the new Portable Class Libraries

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